New entrepreneurs

For new entrepreneurs we help them find the most suitable company form for them. We give advice on available financing sources and how to choose the best alternative.

  • Advice on choosing the right form of company and taking into account the tax aspects and assessment of the company’s legal obligations
  • Document preparation for starting up a company
  • Taking care of necessary official notifications
  • Drawing up contracts between shareholders
  • Establishment and implementation of a properly sized financial administration


In bookkeeping, the most important aspects are accuracy and right timing. Our customers are getting up-to-date, reliable information.

  • Preparation of accounts
  • Management accounting
  • Official reports and notifications

Payroll calculation and payments

Payroll calculation and payments

  • Payroll calculations
  • Holiday and payout calculations

Reporting and official notifications

  • Mailing of pay slips to the employees
  • Employer payments to the Tax Authority
  • Preparation and payment of monthly withheld taxes and social security contributions
  • Preparation of annual reports to the Tax Authority and insurance companies

Financial statements

  • We prepare our customers financial statements and reports to the Tax Authority

Invoice preparation

  • invoice preparation is an easy and fast procedure

Sending invoices
Receivables monitoring